Sunday, October 30, 2016

Powerful Feedback From Mark Matousek About My Memoir

Speaks for itself?

Dear Judy,

Thank you for these chapters from the memoir, and the new piece you did at my suggestion. The new work is carefully written, evocative, and balanced between your personal pain -- at your mother's slap -- and the humiliation of it, but also the weaving in of Iyanla's wisdom at the end. This turns it into a teaching story. I recommend incorporating quotes and inspirations from others with your story this way; it only broadens and deepens the work. In the chapters, you describe your father's sexual violations with unnerving -- and relatable -- clarity.  "My father used to sit me on his lap and tell me he was teaching me to feel good about my body. Then he’d fondle my budding breasts through my t-shirt." It's hard to know what's more revolting, the fondling or his explanation of it (your father not wanting you to be uptight like your mother!).  Emotionally, the reader is aware of the perverse ambivalence and ambiguity of incest, where the perpetrator is someone the survivor loves ("Wait. In my heart I know also that he loved me very deeply, maybe too much"). No, the reader thinks, that isn't true, yet it's poignant to hear you telling yourself this story -- which is nonetheless real for you. Your mother's cruelty is breathtaking; and when father explains why this happened -- to make a better atmosphere for your brother and him -- the reader cringes. As for the itching attack in the sleeping bag, that could be an opportunity for humor in the memoir; black humor, but any kind will do!  Very good work here. 

Have a great week,


Thursday, October 27, 2016

I Don't Miss The News At All

And that's saying something for a politics dork like myself.

I stopped watching the news (MSNBC) last Saturday. I thought by now I'd be craving me some Rachel and some Lawrence, but I'm so grateful and relieved to not have to hear anything about those sicko Trumplicans and Republicans, that I'm having no withdrawals at all.

Without the news on several hours a day, I'm free to do more creative things.

And it's easier to simply slow down and  b r e a t h e --- a very needed spiritual practice by ALL.

I don't miss Facebook too much, but I do miss it a little. I miss my friends. It will make it all the sweeter when I return to it, probably after the election----if I can hold out that long.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Taking A Mental And Emotional Health Break From Politics

G A D !

It seems to have gotten that bad for me.

The news and talk shows are finally taking their toll.
(I know I'm hardly alone in this!)

I'm having an internal, silent mental or emotional breakdown, and it's because of the political scene.

I'll Be Brutally Honest---It's Because Of God Damned Republicans And Trumplicans!

It occurred to me that I need to protect myself.

We did our civic duty and voted as a family on Sunday around the table (that was cool and powerful), and I mailed our ballots yesterday.

This is a major decision and sacrifice for me: 
I'll be off of watching MSNBC, all talk shows, and Facebook indefinitely. (I've never been a local news watcher.)(I'm almost never on Twitter, and not even sure why I joined.)

I'm hoping to continue to watch Bill on HBO Friday nights though. I think I need him! But we shall see.

I'll get the highlights regarding the remainder of the election season from one or two of my peeps.


Sorry To Waste Your Time, But I Still Got Nuthin

For one thing, the things I want to write about are not appropriate for this blog.
I'm sure I'll find my courage eventually, and write about everything and anything.
It's a must if I see myself as a Real Writer.

Also, I feel I lost most of my readers when I sacrificed my last blog.
I do know I can and will generate more. Eventually. When I feel like it.
Meaning, we all step into action once we feel like it --- about almost anything.

I have been pretty focused on working on my memoir via Mark Matousek's The Nuts And Bolts Of Memoir Writing online class --- which is almost over (darn it). I've been getting fantastic feedback from Mark on my chapter submissions.

I kind of feel like time has stopped and won't start again until the class is finished after next week.
Don't know why.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just A Quick Update

Geez, will I ever get into this new blog? I still miss my old ones! Oh well!

Sobriety is going great. I'm a lucky lady. : )

And I keep learning more and more amazing things about the healing and very complex plant that is cannabis.  For instance, many animals, like people, have endocannabinoid receptors throughout their bodies and CBD is healing and saving lives-even of many pets.